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Ingredient Kits

Whether you're new to the hobby or advanced, we have kits that fit your level of effort or budget.

Our Wine kits range from sweet to dry, red to white, sangrias and fruit wines. Most are packaged for 6 gallon batches.

We even package our own Extract beer recipe kits. Here are some of the clone kits we offer:

  • Guinness Draught

  • Bell's Two Hearted

  • Zombie Dust

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

  • Beck's Dark

  • Yellow Rose

  • Left Hand Milk Stout

  • Chimay White

  • Chimay Red

  • Newcastle Brown Ale

  • Rollcage Red Ale

  • Corona Extra

  • Anchor Steam

  • Blue Moon

Local customers can pick them up from our store starting at $37.99

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